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    Gen Z and Millennial Consumers Naturally Favor Organic Foods and Beverages

    Rockville (MD) — The prevailing demographic of organic consumers skews in two directions. Most obvious are consumers who are upscale (including higher educational attainment and household income). Less obvious are younger adult consumers of the Gen Z (ages 18-24) and Millennial (ages 25-39) generations, reveals Packaged Facts in the new market research study Eating Trends: Generational Food, the final report in a five-part Eating Trends anthology. “Millennials and younger members of Generation X tend to be the biggest users of organic foods, and much more likely than average to agree that they especially look for organic or natural foods when they shop,” says David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts. Source: Packaged Fact

    Packaged Facts reports that young people also are more likely to have young children in the home, a key demographic for organic eating. In general, usage of organic drops off at the 55 and over age brackets.