Our emphasis on retail coverage is extensive. We employ approximately 70 retail merchandisers, who are responsible to call on retailers, service our represented products, render sales assistance and product education, arrange displays, perform sets/re-sets, install point-of-sale material, and complete surveys.


While components such as data analysis and the development of cutting edge processes are key to any organizations success, we continue to recognize that the retail class of trade still is a people driven arena.


Our reputation for reliability and professionalism has earned our retail staff the trust of both local and regional management as well as in-store personnel. These well-developed relationships have proved to be an invaluable resource in successful product representation.


At the end of the day we understand that most buying decisions are made at the shelf and that’s the reason we continue to invest significant time and energies in our Retail Associates.

Pinnacle Food Sales operates a specialized brokerage company focusing on all categories within supermarket, specialty, and independent chains in the southeast market.

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When You Align Yourself With Pinnacle Food Sales You Get:

Sales and Promotion Planning

  • Develop Sales Plan
  • Monitor Sales Plan
  • Develop Call Plan
  • Prepare & Execute Presentations
  • Conduct Consumer Marketing
  • New Item Category Management
  • Analyze Category Data
  • Sales Reporting
  • Monitor Distribution
  • Monitor Promotional Activities (e.g. OI’S, Scan Downs, FSI’S etc…)
  • Order/Maintain PO
  • Management Reporting


  • New Item Cut-in
  • Rotate Shelf Stock
  • Build Displays
  • Conduct Resets
  • Shelf & Display Maintenance
  • Shelf Data Collection
  • Monitor Retail Pricing
  • Monitor Competitive Activity
  • Prepare Product Surveys

Order Fullfillment

  • Forecast Product
  • Set-up/Maintain Order System
  • Schedule Product Delivery
  • Order Follow-up

Customer Service

  • Damaged Good Administration
  • Deduction Administration
  • Deduction Resolution
  • Reconcile Commissions
  • Reconcile Invoices
  • Promotion Administration
  • Assist With Product Recall
  • Assist With Customer Complaints
  • Quote Commodity  Pricing

Pinnacle Food Sales Key Advantages