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Cheese Making

  • World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison is Underway

    Source: Associated Press

    MADISON  – The largest technical cheese, butter and yogurt competition in the world started Tuesday in Wisconsin, with a record 3,667 entries from 26 nations.

    The 55 judges taste, sniff and inspect the 132 classes of dairy products during the biennial World Championship Cheese Contest.

    The judges include cheese graders, cheese buyers, dairy science professors, […]

  • Is Cheese Addiction A Thing?

    Source: By Jan Cortes

    Cheese is easily one of the most famous and recognized dairy products

    in the world. And… well, you’d be hard pressed to not see why. For one thing, it’s incredibly tasty, scrumptious and easy to eat, as well as very accessible. It can also be enjoyed in several ways, with the number of […]