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    USDA Proposes to Reapportion American Egg Board Membership

    Source: USDA

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is proposing to adjust membership on the Egg Promotion and Research Board to reflect shifts in egg production and consolidation since the last board reapportionment.

    This proposed rule would adjust representation on the American Egg Board, established under the Egg Research and Consumer Information Act of 1974, and outlines changes to geographic areas based on sustained changes in egg production in several states.

    The Egg Research and Promotion Order establishes a board composed of 18 members. Currently, the 48 contiguous states are divided into six areas with three members representing each area. This proposed rule would reduce the number of geographic areas from six to three. The number of board members representing each geographic area would change to six. The total board membership would remain at 18.

    This proposed rule would apply to the nomination process in 2020 and affect the board members appointed by the Secretary to serve on the board beginning in 2021.