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    Understanding How Millennials Define “High-Quality” Beef When Dining Out

    Source: BROOKE PATTON, Beef Checkoff

    When it comes to dining out, current consumer demand for high-quality protein is an important factor influencing diner decisions. Millennials guide these trends, as they’re likely to spend more money dining out and less time preparing food at home than other major demographic groups1. This group of consumers, in general, dine out more and are more likely to choose a dining location based on the overall experience it provides. Therefore, Millennials require a special focus when it comes to high-quality protein, like beef, and the dining experience.

    Survey research, conducted by the Beef Checkoff, revealed how Millennial consumers define “high-quality” beef. In this survey, Millennial consumers were asked a variety of questions which explored their associations and preferred descriptors for high-quality beef, as well as which preparation methods and cuts they feel best indicate quality.

    Overall, results showed respondents associate taste, freshness and ingredients with quality food in restaurants. Specific to beef, taste and freshness are top associations for quality along with tenderness, juiciness and USDA quality grade.