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    New Survey Reveals Over 40% of Americans Don’t Want to Eat Out

    Source: Cheeses of Europe
    NEW YORK – According to Datassential’s latest industry survey on March 17, 41% of Americans are nervous or worried about going out to eat and 27% are avoiding going out to restaurants altogether. Those numbers will only rise as Americans stay-at-home in an effort to combat the global pandemic. On the flip side, consumers staying in means more grocery shopping and meals at home. On March 21, S&P Global reported “We expect grocery to be a bright spot as consumers hunker down and stock up for an indefinite period of homebound life.” Less going out means relying on pantry staples and smarter shopping strategies. But eating at home doesn’t mean a sacrifice in eating well, especially if you stock up on cheeses from Europe.
    With fewer trips to the store it’s important to keep the cheese you purchase as fresh as can be. Cheese experts say that cheese you purchase should be consumed within a few days, but that may not always be possible. Wrap hard cheeses in cheese paper, or wax, or parchment paper and seal with tape. Soft cheeses need to breathe, so wrap them less tightly in cheese paper if possible and store them between 35- and 45-degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator. Soft cheeses should typically be consumed within a week or two while hard cheeses can last closer to six weeks.