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    Identifying Top Dairy Food Trends that can Impact the Growth of Companies in 2019 / Source: SpendEdge

    LONDON– SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest article on the top dairy food trends in 2019. Companies in the dairy industry are witnessing a number of opportunities and challenges at different levels. The rising popularity of plant-based dairy alternatives and low sugar foods is compelling them to launch food products that can keep pace with changing customer demands while increasing profitability. Therefore, it becomes imperative for companies to analyze dairy food trends that can impact the market.

    Key Dairy Food Trends in 2019:

    Increase in protein consumption

    With many consumers turning to dairy proteins as their protein of choice, companies are forced to drive innovations to address customer needs. They need to come up with products that contain protein-rich whey and are good in taste. Increase in the number of protein-enriched dairy innovations is one of the major dairy food trends in 2019.

    Evolving consumer base

    As consumers have become more aware, their interest in ethical sourcing and sustainability has increased. They look for products that are safe for the environment and have sustainable logos. This concern about sustainability is expected to continue in the coming years and dairy companies need to prepare themselves to integrate environmental thinking into supply-chain management.

    Reduction in high-sugar products

    Consumers nowadays have become extremely health conscious and demand for low sugar foods. They demand products that deliver maximum taste and do not contain much sugar. This trend is expected to rise, and companies need to come up with low-calorie food products.