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    Boomer Specialty Food Consumers: What They Want

    Denise Purcell | 8 Dec 2021

    Boomers, adults ages 57 – 75, are driven to purchase specialty foods with unusual or authentic flavors, according to the SFA’s Today’s Specialty Food Consumer report, 2021-2022 Edition. The annual report surveys consumers to understand the demographics, behaviors, usage occasions, and shopping habits by different generations.

    Here are highlights of some Boomer drivers, preferences, and attitudes that are helpful to makers, buyers, and marketers when trying to reach these consumers.


    Top purchase drivers: superior quality and flavor versus everyday grocery; unusual, authentic, or superior flavor, impulse buys.

    Top specialty food uses: dinner, treat

    Popular retail channels: supermarkets

    What they value in a store:
    •    Feel safer because the company has done such a good job with COVID safety measures for customers and employees
    •    Local/regional products are featured
    •    Employees are knowledgeable about the products
    •    Faster checkout options
    •    Promotions/coupons customized to my shopping habits or dietary needs
    •    Free samples
    •    More specialty food and beverages available

    What they value at foodservice:
    •    Customize orders
    •    Prominently feature local/regional ingredients

    Interested in: organic, locally sourced, non-GMO

    Tech habits: Phone usage for grocery shopping and foodservice engagement falls off with Boomers, but they do engage in finding and using store coupons and restaurant discounts.