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    Food Makers Pivot in the Absence of Trade Shows

    Source: Mark Hamstra, Specialty Food News

    With the sudden disappearance of industry trade shows around the world, specialty food makers are ramping up their social media promotions and community tie-ins, forming new partnerships with online sellers and finding new ways to get their products in front of potential buyers.

    “We look forward to trade shows as an opportunity to meet with industry friends and share new products in person,” said Emily Stubler, director of marketing at Iconic, a maker of high-protein drinks and powders. “They are always a great way to share ideas, and connect with industry experts, so we, like most brands, are bummed about trade show cancellations.”

    She said the series of major show cancellations, which began in March with Expo West, and has since continued with countless other national and local events, including most recently the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show, has “encouraged the company to think creatively” about how to connect with industry partners.