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    As Plant-Based Meat and Dairy Picks Up Speed, a Labeling Fight Heads to Court

    Source: Aliza Abarbanel, Yahoo

    Over the past few years, the grocery store refrigerated aisle has undergone something of a revolution. Yogurt, once categorized as either Greek or not Greek, is now made from coconuts, cashews, pili nuts, and almonds. Oat milk has claimed squatters rights at our favorite coffee shops. And at summer cookouts and drive-through windows, burgers are sharing grill space with patties of a decidedly different biological makeup. Plant-based food companies like Just, Impossible Foods, and Beyond Meat have collectively racked up over $1 billion in funding, according to TechCrunch. But now lawmakers, backed by influential meat and dairy industries, are pushing back on the burgeoning industry by controlling the  packaging language they’re allowed to use.